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According to research, most people spend an average of 128 hours per week in the house. This shows that our homes are our primary dwelling place. However, most Singaporeans are busy most of the time and arrive at home when they are tired and may not be able to do the cleaning jobs. A clean home is vital for your health and overall well-being of your family. A dirty house is full of germs, and the best way to avoid illness is to keep the germs away. Living in uncluttered environment ensure that you don’t waste time looking for lost items. If you cannot get enough time to clean your home and keep it tidy, you can hire EHomeservices for professional house cleaning services and air conditioning. EHomeservices is based in Singapore and offers some cleaning services that include dusting and cleaning as well as maintenance services as your homes. The cleaning company includes a number of dedicated professional cleaners who work on part time basis. Part time meant that you would only pay for the time that the cleaners are on the site, which is more cost effective as compare to full-time employees. Some homes may not need regular cleaning but occasional cleaning, which make part time maid services more convenient and economical.

About Ehomeservices

Ehomeservices Services:

Ehomeservices provide both cleaning and air condition services. The air condition services provided by the company include supplying, installing and servicing the air conditioner. Ehomeservices hires highly skilled personnel who have many years of experience and have the all it takes to handle the services. Living in a dirty home that is not well ventilated can lead to healthy issues. Moreover, a home that is not well ventilated is a breading place of flies and insect, which can be an embarrassment to you. Here are the details of Ehomeservices cleaning services:

i. House cleaning services

Proper home cleanliness can only be done by experienced professionals who understand how to perform the cleaning works properly. There are some parts of the house that get dirty within a short time, and there are some other areas that may not demand daily cleaning. There are also some areas that you can easily reach while cleaning and there some other areas that are hard to reach. You can do basic cleaning jobs on areas that you can reach. However, for a thorough cleaning, you can hire Ehomeservices. The cleaning service provider has the right tools and skills necessary to reach different parts of the house in the most convenient possible and clean it thoroughly.

ii. Carpet cleaning:

Carpets are made of different materials and have varying thickness. For that reason, a method for cleaning one type of carpet may not apply in cleaning another type. EHomeServices employees dedicated professionals for the carpet cleaning services. The professionals have are well trained and have enough experience to handle various types of carpets. The company provides them with necessary tools and chemicals necessary to remove dirt, debris, dust, and stains lodged in the carpet effectively.

iii. Laundry Cleaning services:

Laundry cleaning service is one of the most tedious processes for busy homeowners and having a convenient and affordable dry cleaning service is very important. If you are looking a pocket-friendly laundry cleaning service, Ehomeservices have trained and experienced employees dedicated to dry laundry cleaning services. All you need is to conduct them, and all the other related work from picking it from your premises, cleaning them and bringing the pack to you will be done by the company’s personnel.

About Ehomeservices

iv. Upholstery Cleaning:

The company understands the value of your furniture and employs various techniques to ensure the furniture are keep clean without affecting the quality. Homes include well-trained personnel who have many years of experience in upholstery cleaning service. They work to restore the fabric to look new again. They have powerful cleaning solvent that helps to reach deep micro-fibers and remover dirt, grime and stains.

Benefits of Choosing Ehomeservices for home cleaning services in Singapore:

Professional home cleaning services are crucial in achieving and retaining elegance in your home for years. Thousands of home cleaning services are now available in the Singapore market and choosing the best home cleaning services provider among the many in the market can be overwhelming. Before choosing the best company, you have to consider many factors that include experience, service guarantee, insurance, certification and affordability, among other factors.

1. Reputable:

Ehomeservices is among the most popular and leading providers of home cleaning and air conditioning services in Singapore. According to customer reviews, the company offers quality services that meet customer requirements and has worn a lot of confident among many customers. They offer part time services that are more affordable and convenient to all customers.

2. Broad Range of cleaning solutions:

The company offers some cleaning solutions that are designed to suit the specific requirements of each and every user. Despite the type of cleaning services you are looking for, you can easily find a specialist in Ehomeservices that help you handle the work. The services provided include part time maid services, carpet cleaning, cleaning, laundry services and air con maintenance services, among many other services.

About Ehomeservices

3. Trained and Experienced:

Ehomeservices feature trained experts who are dedicated to offering quality cleaning solutions to all customers. The employees have trained and experience in how to use various equipment and chemicals that are necessary during different types of cleanings. The home cleaning service personnel strive toward achieving high quality and satisfying results.

4. Customer Satisfaction:

Before embarking on the cleaning work, the professional analyze and plan who to perform the cleaning job. They consult you and get your directions where necessary to ensure that they perform the cleanliness as need.

5. Convenient:

Ehomeservices is more convenient to work with as they are flexible to schedule their cleaning works as per your needs. If you feel that you want to clean the house when you are around, the company will fix in your time table as per your availability. In the case of laundry, the company personnel will collect the cloths from your premise, take them to the dry cleaner and bring them back.


Ehomeservices is the leading home cleaning service provider in Singapore. It is dedicated to providing various home cleaning services at affordable prices. They have invested in modern cleaning technologies as well effective cleaning chemicals that allow their experienced employees achieve the best result when it comes to home cleaning.


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