6 Easy Way To Spring Clean Your Office

A dirty and cluttered office can obscure your capacities. Research has revealed that individuals tend to be more productive when they work in a clean environment. If you are finding it difficult to find things in your office, it is time for spring cleaning. Here are 6 easy ways to spring clean your office.

Spring Cleaning Office

1. Eliminate Clutter

The first step is to eliminate clutter. Start with your office desk because this is where most people accumulate clutter. The presence of clutter will make it difficult for you to work. It can also create a good environment for bacteria and dirt to accumulate. Get rid of broken stationary and unwanted magazines and papers. Remove anything that you do not require for your day-to-day work tasks. You can also come up with a filing system that will help you manage your essential documents. If you have excess supplies, put them in your cabinets. An organized and clean work space will energize you.

2. Dust

Once you have eliminated all the clutter in your office, it is time to dust. Dusting is an important step during spring cleaning. When dusting, make sure you use an absorbent cloth to capture as much dust as possible. You can also use a damp cloth on surfaces that cannot be damaged by water. Dust every part of the office including:
· Windows
· Doors
· Computers
· Air conditioner
· Lights

3. Vacuum

After the dusting is complete, the next step is to vacuum every part of the office. Start with one of the corners and make sure you work methodically, covering each area.

Spring Cleaning Office

4. Organize Computer

Spring cleaning an office involves organizing both your physical and virtual environment and this is why you have to make sure you organize the computer. If you can no longer see your desktop background because of all the icons that you have created, your computer is cluttered. It is difficult to find what you are looking for if the entire screen is filled with icons. Some of the icons may be unnecessary and it may be possible to group several documents in a single folder. File any documents that you will need to review regularly. Delete any documents that are not required for future reference. This can save you several minutes when you are looking for an essential document.

You also need to sort out your email inbox. It is possible to create different categories for the various emails you receive. This will make it easy to find an important email. If you tend to get a lot of spam, it is time to boost your security settings to stop unnecessary emails from getting to your inbox. Get rid of any software that you no longer use on your computer. The software is just taking up a lot of space. You should also make sure you have backup for all your essential files to avoid disappointment in case of an accident or loss.

5. Arrange your Power Cables and Cords

If your office has several electrical appliances, you probably have to deal with several cords and cables. They can make your office look disorganized if they are not contained. The best way to contain them is to purchase binder clips that will keep your office looking neat without getting rid of any electrical appliance.

6. Replace and Recycle Old Technology

Spring cleaning should also include the kind of technology that you are using in your office. If you are still using an old desktop or laptop, you should consider replacing it with one of the latest tablets to save on space and enhance portability. For those who cannot replace their laptops or desktops, you should get an ergonomic keyboard that will offer greater comfort. Recycle your old ink toners, monitors, and printers.

The kind of environment that you create in your office can have a significant impact on your performance. Spring cleaning ensures that you only keep what you need and the office is safe and healthy. The most important thing to remember is that everything that is visible in your office should be required for day-to-day office tasks. This will make it easy for you to meet deadlines because you know exactly where everything is. You do not want to spend several hours looking for a document needed for an important meeting because your office lacks order.


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