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Why Choose E Home Services As Your Aircon & Cleaning Company?

Recent statistics show that you spend at least over 128 hours a week in the house. You home is primarily your dwelling place that must be clean, organized and smell fresh. Unfortunately, most people spend the less productive hours of the day at the house only because they come from work when they are already tired. It has become apparent that today’s fast-paced business world gives you a tight schedule where you do not get time to do all the cleaning and other chores as you may have wanted.

Nonetheless, all is not lost as E home services are here to your rescue. Based in Singapore, E home services is a professional cleaning service that offers services such cleaning, dusting, repair and maintenance of all facilities and equipment around your house. So, below are some reasons as to why you might want to consider hiring a home service to provide you with some essential cleaning and maintenance services.

Part time maid services

You can get a professional cleaner from E home services as often as you wish. Part time maid service entails getting one or more cleaning personnel who come at specified periods of time to perform cleaning around your home. One benefit of choosing part time maid services is that you only get their services when you need it. Sometimes the home does not need regular cleaning, but occasional cleaning here and there. This is why part time maid service is gaining popularity as it is convenient.

Aircon services

If you live in Singapore, then you appreciate the role air conditioners play in making life comfortable. Aircon services includes, but not limited to supplying, installing and repair of air-conditioning equipment. E home services are equipped and possess skilled staffs who will sort you out in case you find yourself in any problem. As you are well aware, a home that is not well ventilated smells foul and it could even turn into a breeding ground for flies and other unwanted insects. Even worse, a horribly smelling home is an embarrassment to you. A well-ventilated home could make the difference between a happy stay and a bad one.

Cleaning services

However good you are in cleaning, there are those parts of your home that never get clean as you may want. These are the sections of the building that get dirty within a short time or they are just unreachable when you are cleaning. The windows, for example, could be unreachable and as such, no proper dusting and cleaning takes place. Some furniture as well, tower high than you can reach. Why risk the injury of falling when there is someone who can do it for you? It extends to all parts of the house including drawers, tables and electrical equipment. E home services have energetic personnel coupled with the right equipment to meet all your cleaning needs.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets come in different materials of varying thickness. One method of cleaning a type fabric is different and cannot be used in cleaning the next. This is the reason professionals are here for you. Whereas carpets do not require daily cleaning, they need to be done meticulously. To do this, equipment, chemicals and expertise manpower is needed. E- Home services possess the right amount of skill and tools to remove the dirt, dust, debris and stains lodged in your carpet. A dusty carpet is not only uncomfortable but unhealthy as well. For those people who have allergies, dust in the carpet can make their life a living hell. Moreover, the quality of our service will make your carpet last longer.

Laundry dry cleaning services

Realistically speaking, cleaning clothes is a tedious process for many homeowners. A single person cannot handle the clothes of the entire family. With E home services, all you need to do is to arrange your clothes together according to the color and the level of dirt and they take care of the rest. They will pick up the dirty clothes and deliver them to your doorstep clean and ironed. An outstanding benefit of laundry dry cleaning services is that it is offered as often as you require. No need to worry or stress over clothes anymore.

Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning services is done in a way that is safe for the whole family and gentle on every piece that is cleaned. Occasionally, you will discover spots of dirt on the upholstery in the house. If you choose to use a detergent, then chances are that the staining condition will become worse. It is highly recommended that you let the experts do the work for you. They are knowledgeable on all stains and how to tackle them in a manner that will pose less destruction to your upholstery.

With all these services offered by E Home, you are the overall beneficiary. Not only do you end up living in a clean home environment, but also a place that is comfortable and fresh-smelling. Chances of people around the home getting sick are reduced as germs and bacteria-causing illness do not find a habitat to thrive. Sensitive areas such as the washrooms are left tidy and organized.

Finally, your home leaves a creative impression to your visitors. A well-maintained home that is clean and every piece of equipment that is functional is nothing but pure joy for the homeowner. Also, you can rest without distraction and spend your time on other important activities. To crown it all, E home services have reasonably priced services that can accommodate most people. All you have to do is make a phone call, and the rest of it is handled.


Why E Home Services is the Best Home Services Company in Singapore

Professional cleaning services for such homes have become very crucial in ensuring that they retain their elegance for many years. Currently, there are many companies that offer cleaning service in Singapore. This makes finding a home cleaner easy. However, many homeowners want services that are effective and efficient. This is why one has to spend time learning about different providers of home cleaning services before choosing the one to hire.

E Home Services are leading providers of home cleaning solutions offered in Singapore. This company has established a good reputation among homeowners by providing quality services that meet their specific needs. Services of this company are delivered to homeowners who have homes that demand more time for maintenance and care. If you are looking for cleaning solutions in Singapore, then you may consider these services. This company offers a wide range of services that are designed to suit the needs of different homeowners. Thus, regardless of the kind of service you are looking for you will find one that suits you when you contact this company.
The main services offered by this company include:

Part time maid services
Aircon services
Cleaning services
Carpet Cleaning
Laundry Dry Cleaning services
Upholstery Cleaning
Interior design & Renovation

Aircon servicing, part time maid, plumbing services, painting services, curtains and blinds in Singapore

E Home Services are delivered by professionally trained experts who have experience of many years in delivering quality cleaning solutions to home owners. They know how to use different equipment and appropriate chemicals in delivering cleaning solutions that suit different homes. This ensures that homeowners in Singapore get high quality and satisfying results.

Before embarking on cleaning your home, these professionals analyze every aspect of your home. They also listen to what you have to say about your home cleaning needs. If necessary, they will advise you on what is important for your home in order to achieve the desired results. This ensures that only services that are suitable to a homeowner are delivered.

This company has offered a wide range of services to homes in Singapore. When you go for cleaning solutions of this company, you will have a chance to read testimonials of many homeowners who have hired its services in the past. Thus, you will be confident that you are getting quality home cleaning service.

Clients who have hired carpet cleaning services, moving services and aircon services among other have written testimonials in which they express their experiences in dealing with this firm.

In addition, E Home Services is always determined to deliver the best cleaning solutions at the most affordable price. It has invested in modern technologies and effective chemicals to ensure efficiency in service delivery. Professionals of this company are able to handle a cleaning task within a very short time without compromising quality of the results. Thus, with E Home Services you are always assured of quality cleaning solutions in Singapore regardless of how tight your schedule is.
I was referred by my friend for curtains and blinds and they did a great job, so i decided to service my aircon here as well. Now i am using their part time maid services and all i can say is that they are good at they certainly knows what they are doing. Well done guys.
Mr Ricky Tan
Services provided
Aircon Services
Laundry Dry Cleaning Service
House/Office Cleaning Services
Part time maid services

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Just like any big organization, you need to do a lot of maintenance work in your home. These various things can include services for your aircon, carpet cleaning or part time maid service. For these various requirements you can either contact separate agencies or service providers or you can contact us for your home services in Singapore. When you will try to find a carpet cleaning service or part time maid service in Singapore, then you can certainly find a lot of companies for that. But most of the people wish to fin only the best services in cost effective manner and our company can provide that all to you.

We are known as one of the best company for various home services and we can offer the best services to all of our clients in low cost. Also, we have really good reputation among all the home owners and people that took our services in past. We meet specific requirements or our clients and we make sure that they do not experience any kind of trouble or complication in their requirements. Talking about services that we offer to our customer, we offer a wide range of services to all of our clients and some of the services offered by us are mentioned below to you.

Aircon servicing: In Singapore, it is very hard for people to experience a comfortable life without properly functioning Air conditioning system. If you will not do the proper servicing of aircon, then you will not be able to get comfortable result with it in easy manner. That means it is essential that you do proper maintenance of your aircon for better result. For this requirement you can simply take the help of our aircon maintenance service and you can get optimum result with that. When you will take our aircon maintenance service then you will be able to get better result in easy and cost effective manner. We have a team of expert technicians that know all about aircon servicing and maintenance and they will be able to find the best solution for you in easy manner.

Part time maid service: This is another requirement that people may need to for your day to day needs. For that requirement you can simply contact our company and we can provide part time maid service to you. This part time maid will help you in almost all of your home requirements. If you are in need of some assistance for your home cleaning, then they can do the cleaning for you. In case ,you need some help for your other stuff such as laundry or cooking, then our part time maid service can provide help to you in that requirement also. To take this service, you just need to get in touch with our company and then you can share your requirement with us. When you will share your need, then we will arrange the right person for you at your home in your prefer time.

Carpet cleaning service: A dirty carpet not only affects the ambience of your home, but it can affect your health also in a negative manner. For your carpet cleaning you can either search for all the companies that are there offering this service or you can chose us for this. We provide multiple services to our clients including part time maid, aircon and carpet cleaning service. So, if you will contact us then you will not have to worry about contacting 10 different companies for that. We have a team of experts that have specialization only in carpet cleaning work and they can clean all kind of carpet in easy manner. That means it does not matter what kind of carpet you have in your home, we can clean it for you. Also, we will make sure that you do not get any effect in your carpet in a negative manner. So, we will certainly help you in this requirement in easy ways.

Interior design and renovation: Sometime you may think about doing of renovation in interior design in your home. We are expert in this requirement also and we can certainly do the renovation work for you without any trouble. Our company have a detailed experience in all kin of renovation work and we have done it for many houses and HDB home in Singapore. So, this is an assurance that will be able to provide the best result to you also. When you will contact us for this requirement then we will ask about services from your requirement and you will be able to get the best assistance from us. Our experts can check your requirement and we will be able to provide the assistance to you according to your needs.

We are able to provide the best services to you in in easy and most effective manner and that will certainly help you in all of your requirements in easy manner. The good thing about our company is that we use all the special machinery that can do the cleaning work in easy manner. Also, we have team of expert people that know how to use proper machinery to give optimum result to you. You may also wonder about chemicals that we use for cleaning or extra things that you may need for cleaning work. For that we can give you an assurance about the best product or chemical cleaners that will not harm you or your family members in any ways.

Some people may also stay in dilemma about the cost of our aircon service, part time maid service, and carpet cleaning services. We provide really cost effective services to you and you will be able to get the best experience in easy manner. This will certainly help you do your work without any kind of complication or problem and you will be able to enjoy the best output with our company. So, just contact us and get a solution for all of your carpet cleaning, part time maid service, aircon maintenance or any other requirement.

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